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Civil Dialogue

The Great Listening is committed to cultivating civil dialogue around the world.

Part of this endeavor incorporates a collaborative effort to provide tools for civil dialogue, articles on the subject from innovators and experts, and reasons for working across opposing viewpoints.



cognitive Tools to Navigating differences

OpenMind will guide you through 5 Steps to equip you with the cognitive tools to engage more constructively across differences.

These tools are based on the latest psychological breakthroughs as well as time-tested wisdom. They have been shown to improve success at work and in relationships. They may make you happier, too.

After creating your username and password here, you will be prompted to enter an access code. Enter: TheGreatListening2019 (case sensitive).

Note: OpenMind is divided into 5 interactive steps, each of which takes 15-20 minutes to do. After each step, you'll be required to wait 12 hours before you can begin the next one. The researchers at OpenMind found this wait time makes the program more enjoyable and helps you get the most out of it!

tips to improve your listening skills

In today's high-tech world we spend less and less time listening to one another.

Listening is a valuable skill that we sometimes need to refine and refresh in order to truly understand and connect with others.


Transformative contrasting - a helpful technique

The MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative Director and co-author of the new book “Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World” highlights transformative contrasting as a path to generating new ideas when faced with differing end goals.

Learn more about the technique and how it can help you navigate difficult situations here.

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