The Great Listening


We, the People's Platform

The Great Listening is a space where all individuals and all industries come together, exchange ideas, find common ground and ignite sustainable solutions.

The Great Listening US - Don't Be Afraid of Anyone

A New Age of Discourse

Now more than ever we need safe spaces for dialogue. Common ground is there, all it takes is listening and a little courage. Which is why The Great Listening was formed.

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The Solution


Open source platform

The Great Listening US is a venue for the people, by the people. With success in Sweden, moving to the US, and expanding to new continents every year — this dialogue mobilizer is the neutral space we need.



idea exchange

Businesses, individuals, organizations, NGOs, politicos and problem solvers exchange ideas, and revelations.



Spark sustainable growth

That many visionaries in one room, empathically listening to each other, is the spark we need to move our communities forward.


Why Now?


Increasing Political Polarization



Largest recorded partisan gap.
(Pew Research Center)


Republicans that think the other party is so dangerous that it is a threat to the health of the nation.


Democrats who believe the same.
(Harvard Business Review)



“I truly believe that The Great Listening Global is exactly what the world needs. More listening and more sharing, to keep hope alive."

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson / See More Endorsements